Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The laughing Badger

During my research weak while I was at the Peak district, interviewed a local artist (Sean Wood) who runs a local art workshop every week, one for both adults and children. I asked him about the Peak district landscape. The peak district weather is well known for being flippant and it is possible to get sun, rain, hale and snow all in one afternoon. It is for this reason that Sean likes to describe the Peak as 'The Big Sky!' He keeps a camera at arms reach in his studio so that when he wants to capture the landscape, he can immediately.

His words of advice advice for were:-
  • If you're trying to capture a landscape, do a series of drawings, paintings etc...
  • The landscape is about shape and colour and form, and it is always changing and this is one of the main characteristics of the Peak that attracts people tp it

The image below is one of Sean's paintings, which I think has really captured the essence of the landscape well, with regard to the dark grey colours and textures from the acrylic paint that he has used. Everyone sees things differently, so painting something in your style correlates to how you see and understand what is in front of you.

I did record an interview with Sean, but the quality of the recording isn't great, but here are some of the things  he said:

''Anything can spark your imagination, -I like the notion of little vignettes. Like for example, there might be a big scene of something, but you might notice some little bit in it that will inspire you - just little details.''

''Like I was saying about Breugel earlier, if you look at his stuff, you could make 100 images out of one of his paintings"

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