Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Monday, 7 May 2012

Working method

Fine liner  colour palette

The fine liners below make up the colour palette that I used in the drawings

 Light box set up - paper laid over the photographs

Once the drawings are done, I used colour pencils to create textures to amalgamate with the drawings

glossop panning view tester

This is another tester that I did to explore using the panning tool in after effects. I would have liked to have used the write on tool m this particular image, but it would have too time consuming in the time available.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

First render

Here is the first renders of a more finished looking animation. There are a few tweaks and changes I need to make, but they can be easily resolved. I still need to sort the sound effects out.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

How did it go?

Overall I have felt quite disheartened towards the end of the convergence/divergence project. Time and technology have both been an issue in different ways.

After effects is a program, that has endless possiblities providing you have the skills to use it. However, I think I was far more concerned with how I was going to get the intend of my learning agreement across in my screen based animation rather than realising the potential of after effects. It was only when I came across the 'write on' tool  a couple pf weeks ago that I realised this was the way forward for my animation. - the ability to make my drawings appear as though this is how you see the landscape. Although now, I don't think the message really comes across as well as I would have liked.

By the time I had realised what my animation was going to look like, it was almost to late to start and do what I really wanted to do. At the beginning of the project I was enthusiastic about the project, but as time went on, I felt that the idea had become stale in my mind. Ideally, I would have like to have spent more time working on the animation and utilising more of my initial ideas that I just didn't have time to do.

Although this has not been a strong project for me, I do feel as though I have got the hang of after effects a bit better to utilise drawing in my work through the idea of 'moving focus' in a screen based form.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

snake pass

Here is the snake pass write on test. I will eventually overlay onto the brown paper and apply a camera to the image.

first edit of beginning and film overlayed

Above is the tester video with the beginning section and film over layed  onto the brown paper. The video quality is not great, but I it doesn't hinder the effect that I wanted to capture.