Monday, 5 March 2012

Zarina Bhimji - Whitechapel exhibition

This weekend, I got the chance to see Zarina Bhimji's exhibition at the Whitechapel gallery in london. She primarily works with photography One of the feature pieces was a film entitled 'Yellow Patch'. It was shot on location in Mumbai, Kutch and Gujarat using 35mm colour film. She focused mainly on the landscapes and interiors, and has created a poetic and evocative exploration of place. Within Yellow Patch it is evident to see the artist's interest of light, space, and attention to detail.

She has created her own sound effects to complement the film in a subtle way, which I consider to be extremely effective. She uses slow panning shots that slowly and smoothly glide through the landscape to create an atmosphere, and it it is almost as though the viewer is going on and tracing an actual journey.

research is important to her and she often asks herself questions before she makes her work to try and find out what she's trying to say.

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