Sunday, 18 March 2012

David Hockney Exhibition

On Friday, I visited David Hockney's exhibition at the royal academy. I was in awe of his vast array of paintings. It was very different to see the paintings of landscapes in the flesh, as I found them very striking and they almost imposed their presence, which was helped by their sheer size.

The use of colour and line in his paintings indicate the change of season, light and time and when the paintings are seen in series, it is very clear to notice these changes. They seeming create a narrative. -They show a sense of a journey.

His vigour to capture a the essence of particular areas in the Yorkshire area has meant that he has had to look at what is in front of him and understand what he is seeing. The depiction of colour is particularly striking as there is an abundance of bright colours which are not typically associated with the type of landscapes found in Yorkshire.

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