Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Map Scans

My uncle kindly lent me a map of the Peak District area to help me to document my journey. I have then scanned in the important areas and the areas that we visited. I hope to use these map scans to co-ordinate a coherent visual journey and to help visualise the 'moving focus' of the journey. The lines on the map visually explain the construction of the landscape from a bird's eye point of view. It would be logical to use the camera tool in aftereffects to pan through and highlight certain areas of the map.

 I quite like the generic look of the typeface for the peak district (above), and is used consistently in maps. I will perhaps use a variation of this typeface in my animation somehow.
 Glossop is where the journey starts and ends, so I feel it is quite important to make reference to this, as well as the date I took this journey (8th March 2012 13:30-4:30)
 High Peak is the highest point in the Peak district as the name suggests. On the day I went on this journey, the weather was too bad to access this point of the Peak, but I think it would still be interesting to reference it.
Above is the scan of the front of the map, which I quite like as has quite a rough an rugged feel about it, which is also associated with look of the Peak district landscape. I intend to use aspects of the front cover for the animation opening.

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